How Storage Space Moving Services Work


How does our Delivery Services work?

Need a moving service for your office or home? Leave your name and contact details for a quotation and our Storage Space friendly staff will get back to you. Storage space will provide a professional moving service team with the help of covered trucks, giving you a full stress-free service of a complete relocation.

We supply boxes to pack your loose items with protective wrapping. Also, providing the manpower to unpack your belongings and assembling of general furniture. You may take a step back and relax as we relocate your belongings without you lifting a finger

How does our Disposal Service work?

Contact our friendly service staff and we will assist you with any queries or booking services you require. We will set up an appointment best suited to your needs and timing. Storage Space’s professional staff and covered trucks will travel right to your doorstep to collect the furniture and documents for disposal.

Storage Space provides certification of destruction, pulping, recycling for the disposal of your bulky items or highly sensitive document. We promise the utmost confidentiality of your papers as our staff is highly trained in this aspect, ensuring a top-notch disposal process for your items. 


How does our International Moving Service work?

We make your relocation much more manageable, simply leave your name and contact information in our form. Book a site survey so that we can help you with the measurements and provide an estimate of how much the relocation will cost.

We will send professional movers to help you to pack all your belongings as well as supplying you with the packing material inclusive of protective wrapping. Our professional movers, inclusive of our international moving partners, will do all the groundwork for you, which includes taking care of your customs documents right up to the doorstep of your new home.

Not sure which storage is suitable for you?

Our friendly staff is here for you for any of your queries and we will help to advise which is the best plan.