These are some of the frequently asked questions provided by our
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We have four simple steps when it comes to our storage space service: Book. Pack. Store. Return.

Step 1. Booking: First, you may get a booking via booking form, hotline or email. Then, notify us on your inventory and we’ll deliver the boxes and packing materials to your home or office. An official email will be sent to make confirmation for the time slot.

Step 2. Pack: Start packing your boxes and gather your bulky items or furniture. There is no rush at all. We understand that it may take up to 2 weeks to pack your personal belongings. If you’ve chosen to for our packing services, we will schedule you for a packing time slot.

Step 3. Store: On the day of collection, our team of movers will collect your boxes and protect any bulky items that can’t seem to fit into the carton boxes. Then, they will proceed with the loading and transportation of items to your storage facility. Kindly ensure that you make confirmation for a collection in advance to get a slot.

Step 4. Return: Whenever you want to collect your belongings, you may contact our customer service with your customer code and item number. We’ll get your items back to you at any location in Singapore from Monday to Saturday within 48 hours (subject to availability). Notify us after you have done with your unpacking and we will send our collection team to collect the empty boxes from you. Alternatively, you may want to opt for our unpacking service and we will settle it for you.

Storage Space currently serves both individuals and business customers in Singapore, regardless if it is an apartment, business, office, restaurant or school. If you’re not located within Singapore area, we can assist you but please get in call our Customer Service on +65 9818 8701 or send us an email with the details of your request to [email protected](Surcharge for collections and deliveries may be applied).

Our customer service centre is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

Our delivery and moving team operate Monday to Sunday from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM.

For our storage, collection, delivery and moving, we currently provide services from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM with no extra changes.

We are particular when it comes to punctuality, hence, our operational team will ensure that our drivers will reach during the scheduled time slots. However, we hope to have your understanding of the fact that external circumstances such as traffic or bad weather conditions might cause a delay in terms of the scheduled time slot. We will definitely contact you in any case of events that affects scheduled time slots or if a rescheduling is needed.


Storage Space provides carton boxes and masking tapes for free. You may request to have packing materials such as bubble wraps or newsprint paper for packing of your glasswares. However, any packing materials other than carton boxes and masking tapes are chargeble. After you are done with using the boxes, we will send our collection team to collect them for recycling purposes. You do not have to worry about clearing the boxes yourself.

Our boxes have a max capacity of 70 litres. The dimensions are 58cm W x 38cm L x 38cm. It may not be an easy job to estimate the exact amount of boxes you need, all you have to do is to order a few more or contact our customer service hotline to provide you with assistance. We will not charge you extra for ordering more boxes.

You are more than welcome to use your own boxes. However, do take note that the pricing for storage service may be different from the prices we charge for Storage Space boxes.

We hoped that you can limit each box to a maximum of 25kg. The boxes may be very heavy to carry and transport if you pack them with books. We will suggest that you segregate your heavy and light items evenly so as to help our movers and drivers to carry them safely.

Identify: Firstly, Identify and sort your items accordingly to their group and distribute their weight accordingly. Kindly keep the weight of the boxes below a weight of 25KG.

Protection: Identify the items that will need extra protection. (eg. glasswares, photograph frames) and have the necessary protective materials such as bubble wraps and newsprint paper to add an additional protection.

Label: Have your boxes label accordingly to their item group and item number on the label stickers provided. This is for us to manage your inventory as well as to for identification purposes upon delivery.

We treasure our boxes: we cherish our environment, therefore would like to collect back the boxes after you are done with them. Storage Space will be collecting the empty boxes free of charge after you’ve done unpacking. However, if you really want to keep them, the price is SGD4.00 per box.

3. Storage

Anything can be stored with us as long as it’s not illegal, dangerous or perishable. For anything that can be fit into our boxes, you should have it pack in it. As for any bulky items that won’t fit into the box, you can leave it to us to help you with the packing and storage. We can’t accept the following items due to safety and insurance reasons:

Perishables, food or liquid
Explosive weapons or ammunition
Combustible or flammable materials including but not limited to petrol, oil or gas.
Please refer to our Our Rules and Terms & Conditions for further details.

Storage Space is able to provide storage services for any bulky items. Almost anything from your safe deposit box or upright piano to king size mattress or your wardrobe cabinet. Our collection team will be able to help you with the protection and moving.

To be safe, we do recommend you to order more boxes than you actually need. We will only charge you based on the items stored in our storage space. If there are any extra boxes left over, our collection team will collect them on collection day.

Yes! Storage Space has a team of professional packers to assist you with the packing and unpacking process. All you have to do is notify our customer service officers and book for the service. Due to our tight schedule, you many want to book and schedule for the service at least 2 weeks before the day of collection.

For packing of boxes, all you have to do is to ensure that you have ample time to pack them before collection day. As for unpacking, we will give you up to 30 days period to complete the unpacking of your boxes. After the 30 days period, an amount of SGD4.00 per box will be billed to you and the boxes are yours to keep. As the carton boxes are loaned to you, we do hope that we can have them back for recycling purposes.

Yes we do! We provide our service to all kinds of customers. Businesses that often use our service for storing their inventory, unused furniture to make space for their offices and also storage for records archiving. You may contact us to get a quote for the type of storage you need.

Simply contact our customer service or drop us a return request with the delivery date and time that is most convenient for you and we will schedule you for the return of your items. If you are looking to do a self-collection, you may contact us and we will get your items ready for collection. Kindly contact us at least 1 working day prior for us to get prepare your items for you. Do take note that there will charges for self-collection option as we will need to deploy labour to prepare your items for you.

Do appoint a representative in case you are not available. Our collection and delivery crew are restricted to enter your property without you or any representative assigned by you. Kindly provide us with the contact details of your representative so that we can reach them in any case of delays.

You may move as often as you need. We have a minimum rate of SGD 45.00 which cover up to 9 carton boxes. If you have more boxes or any bulky item, You can contact our customer service and they will be able to quote you for the moving of items in or out of the storage facility.

Yes, we do! We offer A-Z storage solution for our customers. We will collect your storage items directly from your door steps with or without lift services.

Yes, we do. Storage Space provides fire and theft insurance coverage of up to SGD 1000.00. If you are looking for a more comprehensive coverage to protect your items, we are able to assist you getting a quote for you from our insurance agent.

4. Changes and Cancellations

Yes, definitely! You may make changes to your scheduled time slot by contacting our customer service team at 9818 8701 (Mon – Fri from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM). You choose to change or cancel a scheduled collection/delivery free of charge if you provide us at least 1-week notice.

Do take note that we will charge 50% of the service fees for changes or cancellation done with less than 1-week notice. As for any changes or cancellation done less than 48 hours notice, a full 100% fees will be charged.

If you are unavailable, our operation team will wait and try to reach you. If we cannot get hold of you and there isn’t any given notice for rescheduling or cancellation, we will charge a 100% service no-show fee and will get in touch with you as soon as possible to reschedule for another appointment.

Our operation team will assist you with the rescheduling of the collection of empty boxes. However, please take note that we allow 30 days for you to do your unpacking, if you keep the boxes for a longer period, we will charge you a fee of SGD 4.00 per box and you will be able to keep the carton boxes for your personal usage.

By default, your storage contract ends the moment your items are out of our storage facility. In any case, if you want to do a cancellation. You may contact our customer service team and they will be able to assist you.

5. Payment

Currently, Storage Space only accepts 4 modes of payment: bank transfer, cash, cheque and Paypal.

For cash payment, please visit our main office at:

136 Tuas South Ave 2, Singapore 637173

For bank transfer, please transfer your payment to:

Storage Space Pte Ltd
DBS Current 054-905687-1
Bank Swift Code DBSSSGSG
DBS Bank Code 7171
DBS Branch Code 081

For Paypal transfer, please follow the link below:


Yes. You are able to purchase carton boxes or any packing materials without using our services. You can contact our customer service team and they will be able to assist you.

For Paypal transfer, please transfer your payment to:


Our customer services team will contact you to remind you of the payment due. However, there will be a late payment fee of $35 per month and 1.5% will be charged on a weekly basis until you clear your payment. Storage Space will be forced to hold your items until full payment is received. Do take note that if we don’t receive your missed payment for over the period of 45 days, we will be legally allowed to dispose your items and any costs incurred will be billed to you accordingly.

6. Security

Your items are stored a secure warehouse. We have a few locations to stored your stuff and we will determine the location based on the geolocation of the pickup as well as the capacity of our warehouse space. There is 24-hour CCTV security and our warehouse premises is off limit towards the public.

Unfortunately, for security reasons, our storage facility is off access to the public. If you need your stuff urgently, you can contact our customer service team and they will assist you. Kindly give us 48 hours notice to get your items ready (subject to availability). You can then visit us to retrieve whatever you need and we’ll assist you in getting your items back in storage.

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