Storage Space offer warehousing and distribution services that
can solve your logistic needs. We offer both short term
and long term warehousing services.

Warehousing and Distribution

Storage Space provides warehousing and distribution services for
businesses. We offer both temporary and long-term
logistic needs cater to your very needs

Short Term Warehousing

warehousing short term

Have-it-all setting for you to temporary store your products and goods for your business

Contract Warehousing

warehousing contract

Customised warehousing contract for storage services that are more than 30 days

Distribution Service

warehousing distribution

The fleet and experience to save our customers time and increases business efficiency

Temporary & Long-Term Warehouse Storage Singapore

Warehouse and storage facilities are important, especially in the fast-moving city such as Singapore. Having large inventory may require warehouse and storage spaces and most businesses do not have a large warehouse space for them to store their products, and in most cases, they might not even have the experience and skills to handle a big inventory. Focusing on the core business processes is what business owners should work on. Hence, it is best to outsource your inventory management to the right people.

Any warehousing service more than 30 days will be categorised as contract service. There are advantages that come with it will be having better rates with more availability of warehouse storage space. We can help you to customised contract terms that work best for your budget, schedule and inventory.

Storage Space uses quality long-term warehousing systems to have your products carefully maintained. Whether the contract term is for three months, three years or even more, we will create the best service terms for your contract. You can either hand over your full logistic needs to us that include warehouse and operational services, or you can have part of the service done by yourself, depending on what is best for your business.

Warehouse and storage services offer several benefits to businesses. Saving time, cost and helping businesses to focus on what is matters most to them. If you want to be a market leader and improve business processes, then outsourcing your storage needs is something you should consider.

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