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Storage Space believes in making storage rental services
simple, effective and affordable for our customers

Storage Rental Process

Making space in your home or office can be easy! Contact us and get packing materials sent to your door.Once you’re done
with packing, we will take care of the collection and transportation to our storage warehouse. Simply forget
the distress of moving your belongings to a self-storage unit!



Contact us to collect your packed boxes or bulky items



Your precious belongings will be stored in our secure storage facility



Simply contact us to get your item delivered back to your doorstep

One of the cheapest storage space in Singapore

Why pay extra for that space that is left unused? Storage Space provides storage, warehouse and moving solutions for your personal and business means. Simply get us to collect your items, have them stored in our storage facility and have them delivered to you at your convenience.

Storage Service Comparison

We focus on bringing the best service to our customer. Providing
efficient and affordable storage solutions is what you aim for

Storage Space
Cheaper or Lower Rates
No Minimum Period/Charges
Free Packing Materials
Inventory Management
Moving and Transportation
Packing and Unpacking
24/7 Storage Accessibility

What fits in a box?

Forget sky-high self-storage prices: our aim is to offer a convenient storage service and our
affordable pricing means that you only pay for the space you use.

storage rental t-shirt

60 Pieces of Shirt

storage rental files

10 Pieces of Ring Files

Why Do You Need Storage Services?

Storage services may serve as a helpful mean when it comes to
solving space limitation or item security issues.

storage for house moving

Moving House/Office

To avoid losing a good property sale, you have to move out of your old place before moving into their new one. Therefore, you may need to have store your items with a storage rental provider.

storage for renovation


Giving your walls a new colour or getting a new floor design? Keep your precious furniture protected and prevent them from being a hazard for the contractors that will be working on your home or office.

storage for travelling


Have the chance to travel overseas for a period of 12 months? It makes financial sense to rent out your property and keep your belongings with a storage service provider for safe keeping.

storage for antiques

Sentimental Values

Feeling reluctant to clear those items with sentimental values? A furniture set that belongs to your grandparents that bring back memories? Keep those memories fresh by storing them.

storage for hobbies

Hobbies/Sports Equipment

Having a wide array collectables or sports equipment may take up space quickly. It makes sense to keep your awesome collections or equipment in a secure and safe environment.

business storage

Business Needs

Need a place to keep your tools and materials as your van is not the safest option? Store your items with us and have us send it to you when you need them.

Why Store with Storage Space?

 Cheap Storage Rates

By using our own warehousing facility and system, we negate the need to spend a large amount of money building and setting up self-storage facilities. Hence, we are able to provide lower rates for our customer to enjoy.

A – Z Solution

Other than storage, we also provide packing materials, packing and unpacking, moving and transportation services. Our service may start from your doorstep and end at your doorstep without you visiting a storage facility.

Flexible Storage Charges

We believe in paying only for what you store with us. Our pricing model is based on the volume of items and the number of days you store your items with us. There is no minimum commitment period or minimum charges.

Cheap Storage Rental in Singapore

In a hustling and bustling city, we believe storage space should come in boxes. In Singapore, inner city space is increasingly becoming limited and costly. Searching convenient means to solve this problem has always been a tedious task.

Since time is precious, storing your belongings should be as easy, swift and economical. You were probably planning to rent a storage unit or a container and getting confuse going through different services. Fear not! We hear your thoughts.

Why not create a space without leaving your home? It will definitely be easier than searching for storage rental near you. You can easily book your storage rental service online or via a call. Upon completing your packing, we will collect and store the items you don’t need or use every day. Whenever you need anything back, you can simply contact us and we’ll deliver your items to your doorsteps.  Delivery can be done in less than 48 hours (subject to availability).

Whether it is for your renovation needs or moving overseas, we are able to create additional space for your home and work. If you have any inquiries or would like to know more about our customised solutions, simply contact us for quote or assistance. Save your time and energy on traditional storage: let us do the heavy work now!

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