Storage Space movers provide packing, unpacking, moving and
relocation services for house and offices in Singapore

Movers Singapore Services

Looking for a reliable and affordable mover company? Storage Space is able to help with moving
of any scale. Our team of movers are equipped with the experience and
expertise to pack and move any home or offices.

Site Survey


Our moving consultants will visit your home or office for a site survey

Packing Materials


Packing materials will be provided for you to do your own packing

Heavy Lifting


Our mover will be able to move any bulky items regardless of weight or size

Packing Materials We Provide For Free

We have a wide range of packing materials for your moving needs. Apart from carton boxes and
masking tapes, we can also provide you with materials like bubble
wraps or newsprint for your glasswares.


Carton Boxes


Masking Tapes

Storage Space Moving Service

Your sofa, conference table and boxes don’t know you’re moving down the street or to another side of Singapore. In fact, they don’t care. They are still bulky, heavy and taxing to carry. They require careful loading up onto a lorry in a safe and secure manner, from point A to point B. Going through a relocating process can generate as much headache as handling a burst water pipe – which is why Storage Space treat every project, big or small, with the same dedicated competency.

From our trained movers to our fleet of vans and trucks to our detailed packing service, Storage Space makes every “local” move with the highest respect. It is because your relocation is your top priority regardless of a small apartment or an office with hundreds of employees.

Storage Space understands your thoughts as a customer. Your house or office move is stressful enough with the numerous obstacles that come with it – our objective is always to provide respectful, quality service that meets your requirements, budget and schedule. Detailed packing and furniture protection with no hidden or additional stairs or pushing charges are just a few examples of our exceptional services.

Whether you’re relocating your family, office or moving from east to west, we will customise a relocation plan. It is our job to get you to where you are going without any worries.

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