About Storage Space Singapore

About Storage Space Singapore

Storage Space believes in making storage rental services affordable
and effective for both personal and business needs.

Storage Space Pte Ltd

Storage Space Pte Ltd, a company based in Singapore that provides a new way of getting your items stored. We believe that your service should start at your doorstep and end at your doorstep. Getting your items stored should be simple, efficient and affordable. As compared to self-storage facilities, we are able to bring our storage services right to your doorstep. With experience for more than 30 years combined, our operational and customer service team is able to solve any storage, moving or warehousing problems.

Why Storage Services?

In a dense city like Singapore, where space is limited, getting extra room space to store your items with a bigger home or office unit tends to be expensive. It may make better financial sense for you to use a storage service provider such as Storage Space Singapore.

Traditional storage units may not fit the role of being efficient as most storage providers may require you to source for services that is required for you to get your items stored. You may need to acquire your own packing materials, do your own packing, get your own movers and deal with the transportation process. All these energy and time can better use by spending that with your family and friends.

High Cost and Space Wastage

We believe that in an advanced country such as Singapore, storage services should work just like how you get your shopping done. Making purchases from anywhere and get services delivered right to where you need it. Storage prices should be charged based on the volume of items and not based on the size of the storage unit. Any extra space not used will be a direct reflect on having your money not being utilize properly.

Fitting the Market Gap

By acknowledging a service gap in the storage industry, Storage Space Singapore was established to fit into that very gap. Providing storage services that make things simple, efficient and affordable. To know more about storage services, you may contact us or view our storage page.

Storage Space Vision

Our vision is to be a premier company operates in local and international marketing, providing top graded service with affordable rates.

Storage Space Mission

Our mission is to reform the storage industry and provide simple, efficient and affordable storage services to all major city in the world.

Storage Space Values

To provide simple yet sophisticated solutions. To prove efficiency in our services. To maintain affordable and fair pricing to our customers.

How is Storage Space Better?

Apart from the features that come with getting a traditional storage service, Storage Space Singapore is able to provide services such as providing free carton boxes and masking tapes for you to get your items packed. With our professional moving team, we are able to assist you with packing, unpacking, moving and transportation. You may store your items without even lifting a finger.

Inventory Management

Imagine trying to obtain one box from your storage unit with loads of items to remove before getting to it. After getting that box, you will need to place your items back to their position. Our storage services can prevent that with inventory management process done by us. If you need to retrieve a box with important documents, just contact our customer service team with your item code and we will be able to deliver it to you.

Lower Cost for Our Customers

We want to provide the best rates for you. By removing the need to build a traditional facility, we are able to lower down our rates charged to our customers. The biggest advantage of not having a storage unit with a fixed dimension enable us to charge based on the volume of your items. By doing that, both Storage Space Singapore and our customers will negate any wastage. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

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